October 9, 2015

Regular Eye Exams Save Vision

Protect your vision -- get your eyes checked regularly by an optometrist.

Regular Eye Exams Save Vision Regular Eye Exams Save Vision

Optometrists: The Eye Care Professional Of Choice

Because optometrists are located in communities all over Missouri, you can get the eye care help you need and stay close to home.

Optometrists: The Eye Care Professional Of Choice Optometrists: The Eye Care Professional Of Choice

Contact Lenses & You

There are a wide variety of contact lenses, but they aren't for everyone. Ask your optometrist which contact lenses could be right for you.

Contact Lenses & You Contact Lenses & You

Welcome to the Missouri Optometric Association

Our optometrists believe all Missourians should see their futures...clearly! Most people think vision is the most important of their senses. Quality of life is often determined by a person's ability to see. That's why preserving eye health and enhancing vision is the goal of doctors of optometry.

The Missouri Optometric Association promotes the advancement of optometry by advocating for and educating its members; and protecting access to the highest quality eye and vision care for the citizens of Missouri.

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AOA’s Ready-for-School campaign highlights discrepancy in perceptions of digital device use AOA’s 2014 American Eye-Q® survey of the public about their eye health knowledge demonstrates the importance of eye exams for children, and before school is the prime time to remind teachers, patients, and the public about this need. This survey, for the first time, […]

Do You See in 3-D? Maybe…Maybe Not.

As Hollywood prepares for a summer filled with 3-D blockbuster hopefuls and cable networks launch 3-D networks and programming for newly-released 3-D televisions, the trend towards this new technology is hard to miss—except for the millions of Americans who literally can’t see it. Movies including Avatar and Alice in Wonderland have already left their impression […]